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SYABAS' Water Quality

The Myths and The Facts

SYABAS supplies poor quality water to customers and it is not safe to be consumed directly.

The water supplied by SYABAS through the tap is definitely safe for consumption and it complies with the National Drinking Water Quality Standards issued by Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH). In fact, the treated water supplied by SYABAS is so safe that it is drinkable directly from the tap. However, SYABAS will continue to strive to improve further on water quality to meet the quality standards as required by the customers.

SYABAS does nothing to check quality of water distributed to customers.

To ensure water quality is in accordinance with stipulated standards, officials from MOH collect an average of 1,000 water samples monthly from sampling stations throughout Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, and Putrajaya, which are thereafter sent to the Chemistry Department for analysis to ensure compliance. In addition to that, SYABAS’ Water Quality Division also carries out its own in-house water sampling and testing using independent accredited testing laboratories to ensure standards are maintained at all times.

SYABAS‘ treated water has harmful sediments that can jeopardise customer's health.

At present, MOH allows for some limited residual content of aluminium, iron, and manganese in treated water supplied by water treatment operators that are not visible to the naked eye but still safe for consumption by World Health Organisation’s (WHO) standards.


These permitted residual contents are the ones usually captured by the household filters causing them to precipitate and form a slimy and brown to black colour layer on the surface of filters.

SYABAS’ water supply is not properly treated hence causing water quality to deteriorate.

Water supplied by SYABAS meets with the approved drinking water quality standards set by MOH. However, among the factors that can cause water quality to be compromised are rustic pipes due to corrosion and old age, and improper maintenance of customer’s internal piping system, water tanks and water filters.

SYABAS makes no effort to ensure water quality complies with MOH’s standards.

When SYABAS took over the management of water supply from the previous management, the Company had implemented short and long term strategic measures to combat water quality problems. Among the immediate actions taken have been the reservoirs inspection and cleaning programme, aging pipe replacement programme, communication pipe replacement programme, air-scouring programme for systematic flushing of the reticulation pipes, and educational and awareness programme via print and electronic media for consumers to inspect and clean their internal water pipelines and internal water tanks regularly.


These actions have improved the overall water quality in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya and SYABAS has since registered lower cases of complaints involving water quality from consumers.

We experience discoloured water especially when we turn on the tap due to SYABAS’ poor quality water supplied.

Customers do at times sometimes experience discoloured water from the tap due to sediment of permitted level of residual content settling at the bottom of the distribution pipes. When there is disruption in water supply or other disturbance in the distribution system, these sediments or silt get churned up and carried to the customer's tap causing the water to temporarily appear discoloured or “dirty”.


However, it could also be due to consumers‘ own internal piping system and storage tanks, which are old and rusty or improper maintenance of water filters.

I still receive discoloured water even when quality of water distributed by SYABAS meets the standard set by MOH.

Most customer's internal plumbing systems are made of galvanised iron (G.I), which are old, corroded and rusted on the inside causing the water quality problems. Hence, customer's are advised to make periodical maintenance of their internal plumbing system i.e. internal storage tank every six (6) months by engaging only licensed plumbers to ensure professional inspection, cleaning and professional installation of approved materials by Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara (SPAN).

It is so difficult to complain to SYABAS on water quality issues.

Customer's can call PUSPEL Customer Service Centre toll free no at 1-800-88-5252 to report on any water quality issues. PUSPEL operates on a 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year with over 60 professional call agents to handle other modes of communication include twitter, facebook and e-mail water woes.