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Water Quality Monitoring

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I. Quality Assurance Programme by Ministry of Health (MOH)


The Concession Agreement stipulates that the quality of water supplied to consumers must comply within the limits provided in the ‘National Standard For Drinking Water Quality (NSDWQ) issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH). Water quality supplied from Water Treatment Plants into SYABAS’ distribution system is systematically and randomly monitored by MOH by way of sampling and testing under its Quality Assurance Programme (QAP). Based on performance recorded by MOH, the treated water supplied by SYABAS is well below the QAP limits. In 2012, a monthly average of 2,696 water samples were taken and 100,522 tests or analyses were carried out by MOH. The samples were taken from designated water sampling stations located at the various treatment plant outlets, balancing reservoir outlets, service reservoir outlets and in the distribution system. A total of 100,522 analyses were carried out by MOH in 2012 and in overall 100% complied with the Mandatory Level of Service (<4% of all samples breaches).

Table- Summary of 2010,2011 & 2012 MOH Water Quality Assessment

Based on Mandatory Level of Service (MLS) Compliance 

Year 2010 2011  2012
Overall Compliance (%) 100% 100%  100%


II. In-House Water Quality Assessment


From June 2006, SYABAS has started the in-house Water Quality Sampling and Testing Programme based on the same frequency of sampling and nature of parameters as listed in the National Standard For Drinking Water Quality. In 2012, where grab samples were collected by personnel from Districts’ Water Quality Units from the designated 1,107 sampling stations to be analyzed in-situ and sent to a third party accredited laboratory for microbiological and chemical analysis. Based on the existing number of sampling stations and the frequency of sampling according to the National Standard for Drinking Water Quality, a monthly average of 1,841 samples were taken and 77,746 analyses was carried out. The results also showed that the water quality was within the requirement of the Ministry of Health and the Mandatory Levels of Service whereby 100% of the total 77,746 analyses had complied with the Mandatory Level of Service.

Table- Summary of 2010, 2011 & 2012 In-House Water Quality Assessment 

Based on Mandatory Level of Services (MLS) Compliance

Year 2010 2011  2012
Overall Compliance (%) 100% 100%  100%

Photographs depicting Water Quality Personnel Taking Samples From Water Sampling Stations



Water Quality Enhancement Programme:

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Water Quality Monitoring
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