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eDPLAS Online [Malay Version]

Pursuant to the briefing to the CONSUMERS (PLAYER) IN INDUSTRY (Ministry Of Housing And Local Authority; KPKT, Real Estate Housing Development Association; REHDA, Board of Town Planners Malaysia, Board of Architects Malaysia, Board of Engineers Malaysia, FFM, SPAN, JKR, City Hall; DBKL and the Association of Malaysian Plumbers) held on 24th May 2012 at SYABAS head office, Jalan Pantai Baharu, Bangsar Kuala Lumpur on  SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION AND APPROVAL OF NEW WATER PLAN ONLINE (ONLINE), we are pleased to announce that the Online Submission (Online Applications), known as eDPLAS Online application system for submission of water supply system plan approval application has been officially launched and operative effective from 1st June 2012.


This value-added initiative was developed to provide users (consultants appointed by property developer or owner) with ease and more efficient option in water supply system plan approval application to SYABAS.


The eDPLAS Online application system is currently able to cater the following requirements:



New application For Supporting Planning Permission (Planning Permission; KM);


New application For Water Connection and Pressure (Tapping Point; TP); and 


New application for External Water Supply System Plan Approval


With the launch of eDPLAS Online application system, the current practice of submitting new application by way of submission of hard copy printed documents over the counter of SYABAS’ offices would be discontinued with effect from 1st October 2012


Hence, users are advised to take following steps as preparation toward full implementation of "eDPLAS Online" application system on 1st October 2012:-


Start to register eDPLAS Online to secure Access ID and to use the "eDPLAS Online" for required applications; and 


For on-going application using current practice, to immediately complete and/or satisfy the required and/or outstanding documents prior to 1st October 2012 to enable for approval being issued. 


However, please take note that for application of EXTENSION or AMENDMENT to the approved application, the current practice still continues. Users would be notified through SYABAS Website on the availability of EXTENSION or AMENDMENT application process using eDPLAS Online application system.


The support from users on "eDPLAS Online" application system would be highly appreciated to enable this added-value initiative become reality and implemented successfully.